What Are The Benefits of Working With a Travel Agent?

I take vacation planning seriously!  It is more than just a career for me. I just wanted to go over some of my qualifications and help you to really take advantage of what I offer!

The most common question I have from “new” clients is “What are the benefits of working with a travel agent?”  That right there, having you reach out for an experienced travel agent, shows me that you have some doubts on doing the work yourself, and spending the time, as well as your hard earned money on a vacation that you deserve, when you have some concerns on possibly some reviews you have read, how you will get to the resort, if you need to exchange your money, which room category is the best, if you are celebrating something, the list goes on.  Maybe the destination you have in mind is really not at all what you are looking for.  How do you know what you want?

A good, respected travel agent has personal contacts and experience that are shared with clients, to really make the most of your vacation. I always ask some specific questions (qualifying questions) that will help me determine and narrow down the best options to quote.   The more information and feedback you give me after I ask some of these questions, the better I can help you.  Sometimes the lowest price is not always the best option for you.  That sounds funny, but maybe for only $20 there is a better flight that doesn’t pull up online.   Maybe First Class is only $250 more, and that includes your luggage, a meal,  and priority boarding.   A better arrival flight time or departure date (which your travel agent already knows about before even looking) for minimal cost may help you to have almost an extra day of vacation.  Sometimes the lowest price pulls up as an overnight flight as well, tricking you into thinking the cost is lower than it is, but it is likely because it’s one less night of hotel.

I think I really understand many demographics, not only because of over 17 years of experience in the industry as a travel agent, but because of experience with travel in my personal life.

I have a unique perspective because of my broad experience.  I have done all of these recently and really try to understand what you are looking for.  I like to say when I go on vacation, I go “undercover” on many of these trips, just so I can experience travel as a regular person, and not as a travel agent. (Even though you cannot take the travel agent out of me, as I will always be noting, comparing, and taking pictures!)

Briefly, here’s just some of my background that I believe helps me to understand you better:

  • I have been a single parent traveling with children, and know what it’s like to be on a budget with limited vacation time.
  • I have taken my dream honeymoon, and have wonderful suggestions for “once in a lifetime” upgrades!  Not everyone’s dream is the same.
  • I have traveled with large and small family groups, as well as alone, multiple times.
  • I take multi-generational vacations with my family, and understand that not everyone vacations at the same pace. Finding a happy place for everyone can take some work!
  • I take family vacations, and understand what kids and parents want/need!  This includes all inclusive and not all inclusive options.
  • I have coordinated over 200 destination weddings groups myself in the last 7 years, and have narrowed down the best wedding packages and partnered with these resorts, customized to the Bride & Groom.  I consider myself very experienced in this area, and keep current with the latest trends!
  • I have been on custom tours as well as escorted tours, and can tell you firsthand experiences.
  • I have been on a River Cruise as well as Ocean Liner Cruise.
  • Couples Vacations are very important to stay connected, and get away from the craziness of everyday life. I understand this!

There is so much more that goes into this, but find out for yourself if we are a match!  I can help you determine some of these questions:

  1. A large resort complex, or a boutique style hotel?
  2. Do you have teenagers that need WiFi and activities for their age group?  Which resort offers this?
  3. Are we traveling during Spring Break?
  4. What time of year is low season with the best pricing?
  5. Can I fly from Fargo to Grenada, and arrive the same day?

I don’t want you to have the regrets in life that so many think about too late.   Vacation memories are priceless!  You work hard, and you deserve a break.  I would love to help walk through some options if you are considering a romance or family vacation.   katie@modetravelagency.com

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Day 12: Romance Travel

You don’t have to be a “Romantic” to plan a romance trip.

I absolutely love working with couples planning a romantic vacation.  My very favorite is when one of my clients is planning a top secret trip to get away with their significant other.   I am great at keeping secrets, so if you want to plan a surprise, I am your go to person for suggestions.

Typically a “Surprise Trip” is a long weekend, but have been a part of some very special spontaneous vacations to Italy, France, and the Islands of Hawaii.

Popular Destinations for Romantic Vacations:

  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • Naples, FL
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Honolulu, HI
  • Paris, France
  • Venice, Italy
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada

There are also extra special amenities or excursions that can be added in to make your trip extra memorable and make you look awesome.  Who knew you were capable of planning such a thing?

And this concludes our “12 Days of Travel”.   Continue to follow me for more travel stories here or on Facebook.

For more ideas, contact me at Katie@Modetravelagency.com



Day 11: Destination Weddings

Say “I Do” to your dream wedding at a destination of your choice!

Choosing the location can be the most time consuming yet one of the most exciting parts of planning a destination wedding. Couples typically spend months going through brochures and online websites looking for the “perfect” destination to get married. Take the guessing out of the process by partnering with a specialized romance travel agent.

What services are offered by a Destination Wedding Specialist?

Arrange and advise on:

  • Bulk/discounted package airfare
  • Airport transfers (shared and private) as well as rental vehicles
  • Accommodations
  • Private ceremonies
  • Private receptions
  • Symbolic and legally-binding ceremonies
  • Marriage requirements based on country (all countries have different requirements, etc.)
  • Added destination wedding bonuses and incentives
  • Group amenities

Why Plan a Destination Wedding?

  • IT’S SENSIBLE! With families and friends spread throughout the world, it is likely that many of your guests and wedding party will have to travel regardless of your wedding’s location. Why not meet you in paradise and enjoy a vacation at the same time?
  • IT SAVES TIME! Mode Travel can help you choose a destination and arrange tailored packages for you and your guests. Your travel agent will set up the best group travel packages and discuss the options that are right for you. Most resorts have full-time, onsite wedding planners who you will work with to further plan more detailed wedding arrangements.
  • IT SAVES MONEY! Destination weddings are often less expensive than traditional weddings due to their smaller size. Many resorts offer complimentary or very affordable wedding packages. No matter what your taste and budget, Mode Travel will qualify you for your dream destination.
  • IT’S UNFORGETTABLE! Having your family and friends join you in a beautiful destination will create a celebration you’ll never forget. Just imagine your wedding photos! Your guests will be talking about your special wedding for years to come.
  • IT’S FUN!  Hello!  You want to have fun while you’re getting married, right?

For more details on planning a destination wedding, or general questions check out www.modetravelagency.com.

Or www.facebook.com/modetravel

Day 10: Pre-Baby Vacations (aka Babymoon)

What is a “Babymoon?”

There are a couple of meanings.  This term first became popular in the mid-1990’s, and has brought on a new level of vacations.

One meaning includes both parents taking time off before the baby is born, to have one last “hurrah” of couple only time, or if you already have other children, have some  “family” time before the baby is born.

Another version is the couple taking a vacation, or a little time off, after the baby is born, to allow for the family to bond.  It’s nice for the dad to have some extra time off as well.  Many agree that the transition to fatherhood is easier when the man can also spend some immediate time with the baby, away from work.

Popular destinations for Pre-Baby or Babymoon Vcacations:

  • San Diego
  • Jamaica
  • Cozumel
  • Key West, Florida
  • Sanibel Island, Florida
  • Outer Banks (Hatteras, NC area)
  • Cabo



Day 9: Anniversary and Vow Renewals

Are you wondering what to get your spouse for your upcoming anniversary?  Planning a vacation instead of exchanging  gifts gives you the opportunity to both enjoy time together and possibly plan a special vow renewal ceremony during your time away.   Some resorts even offer this service complimentary certain times of the year.   Celebrate this milestone with a priceless trip to remember.  No matter how many years you have been married, you can always get away and feel like newlyweds again. Go back to your honeymoon spot and reminisce or experience a new destination to add to your list of adventures together.   It’s the perfect excuse to vacation year after year.





Day 8: Multi-generational Trips

Day 8 out of our 12 days of Christmas is “Multi-generational Trips.”

What is this latest travel trend all about?

More and more families want to travel together, and not just with mom, dad and the kids.

Some great choices for multi-generational family reunions:

  • All Inclusive Resorts – these are generally out of the country, where your entire package is pre-paid.  No worries on having a bill for food and drinks, or most onsite activities.
  • Cruise Vacations – We can package these together with airfare and a pre-stay for a hassle free vacation.  Cruise Lines generally include all on board meals and most on board entertainment!
  • City Stays – A weekend stay in Las Vegas, New York, or Chicago to see the sites.  Your hotels will be coordinated and grouped together, so families can meet easily at a location that is easy to get around to sights and restaurants.
  • Theme Parks – Disney World or Universal Studios are great family vacations!  There is something for everyone.  Grandparents can be kids again!
  • Land/Hotel Only – If you have time restraints or budget limits, a hotel only stay driving distance is an easy fun option for a “mini-vacation”.  Depending on your group size, negotiated group rates may be available, or even a meeting room for meals.

Include your young children in devising a trip that captures their interests and fascinates them. This can even be an educational opportunity for them.  Remember to bring your camera! The kids (and adults) will look back on these cherished moments and reminisce.


Contact me for more details: Katie@modetravelagency.com





Day 7: Sports Trips

The 12 Days of Travel continue…

There are many options for sports trips, and different levels of activity available for these vacations.

Mode Travel has access to a variety of sports vacations.  Whether it’s a leisurely week at a golf resort, an adventurous deep sea fishing trip, zip-lining through the jungle,  weekend full of qualifiers and races, or a once in a lifetime trip to the Super Bowl.

Packages are customized to your dates, level of accommodations, based on availability and your budget.

This year the most popular sports trip I have been confirming is the Daytona 500.  It’s always nice to go to a warmer destination in the middle of winter!


For more information contact Katie@modetravelagency.com





Day 6: Girl’s Getaway

What do girls do when they “get away?”

I’ll tell you!

  • Shopping
  • Laying by the pool
  • Talking
  • Wining and Dining
  • Shows
  • Yoga
  • Laugh
  • Bond
  • Spa Time
  • More Shopping!

Of course, the options are truly endless.

Some Girl’s Getaways suggestions for long weekends:

  • Las Vegas
  • South Beach Miami
  • New York City
  • Seattle
  • San Diego
  • San Antonio
  • Austin
  • Chicago


For more details on planning a Girl’s Getaway, email katie@modetravelagency.com


Day 5: Food & Wine Tours

Food and Wine Tours can be customized to “Your Taste.”   Sorry, I just had to include those play on words in this entry.

Have you ever wondered what is all involved in a Food and/or Wine Tour?  Some of the questions I have been asked include:

  • Can you make reservations to high end restaurants?
  • Can you reserve me a tea time in London?
  • Can I learn to cook some ethnic meals?
  • Can I reserve a private limo to bring me between wine tastings?
  • Are there tours to cheese producers or olive oil mills?






Guess what!?  There is a tour for everything, and many are customizable.  These can be a simple weekend get-a-way in The States, or a once in a lifetime trip to the vineyards of Australia.








Sample itineraries are readily available.

Contact me for more information Katie@modetravelagency.com


Day 4: Health & Spa Vacations

Health and spa vacations have been growing in popularity over the years, as our minds and bodies need a break!  Discover soul-soothing , spiritual rejuvenation, and stress-free retreats…

You decide on the dynamics:

  • Solo
  • Couples
  • Close friends
  • Sisters get-a-way

There are numerous types of spas on a variety of budgets in various destinations.  The gorgeous views are an added bonus to improving your mental and physical health.  This is one vacation you deserve and also makes an excellent gift!


You decide on the destination:

  • Costa Rica
  • Las Vegas
  • St. Lucia
  • St. Maarten
  • Tucson
  • San Diego
  • Austin
  • Tulum

The above are just a few of the many options available.  Consider this as “therapy” to prevent the winter blues.



For more information, email me at Katie@modetravelagency.com