When Is The Best Time To Book A Trip?

“When is the best time to book my trip?”

This is one of the most common questions I hear from clients.  I sure wish that I had the perfect answer.  I always say if you know you are going for sure, you have your dates in mind, and airfare rates are out, usually early is best!   I am happy to check the air rates and hotel packages (sometimes package pricing isn’t out right away so you do have to wait for certain destinations) for anyone, and being I have done this for so long, can usually tell when I spot a good deal right away, or an average price.  If something is way over-priced, I can usually tell – and in that case recommend to hold off a bit.  If you book early, you will reduce your stress and save yourself time and frustration watching the airfare and hotel rates go up and down.  The air goes up, the hotel goes down.   The air goes down, the hotel goes up.  It usually evens out in the end.   Of course if everyone is going to the same place at the same time, there are definite times when “my general rules” don’t apply at all.  You are also guaranteed the space.  I have seen it many times when people have waited too long as the selected flights or hotel is no longer available.   It’s all a guessing game, but after doing this every day sometimes my guesses are accurate!  I enjoy the challenge.