It’s Been One Of Those Days… I Need A Vacation!

I need a vacation after today and it’s only 3pm.  It’s just one of those days where nothing seems to be going right.   I must have slept wrong because I can barely turn my neck and my back is incredibly sore.  So whether I’m lying down, sitting up, or driving, I am in pain.  Right now I sit in my office in peace, and I’m going to enjoy it as long as possible.  I thought it might make me feel better to write about it.  So today I will write from a different perspective.   I am dreaming about how a vacation would rejuvenate me.  It may be just what I need, as I’m sure you hard working parents can relate.

I’ll start from the beginning.  I have three kids.  They are beautiful, healthy, rambunctious, funny, competitive, smart, and very interesting boys.  The list goes on… I am one proud single parent – but I do admit there have been times when I may pretend they aren’t mine when out in public.  (It’s hard to do that with my youngest though, as we share the same reddish hair color).  Today was one of them.  I will write about today since it’s fresh in my mind, although today is nothing compared to some days, but I had far less patience today.

Our morning consisted of wrestling/arguing siblings, spilled milk, and construction noises.   It seems the construction on the street will never end.  For a week now we haven’t been able to drive or park anywhere on our cul-de-sac or driveway, or the street over, and it’s getting old.   My mailbox isn’t even within walking distance.  (ok- I could walk it, but it’s quite a ways) A simple errand that would normally be very quick turns into a work out with my little ducklings (kids) lined up behind me in single file, reminding them not to walk through dog poop, stay away from the big trucks, and not to fall into the holes along the curb that have been dug up, as we make our way to the vehicle.  As we’re a few houses away walking to the car I try to recall where we ended up parking last night.  The days are running together this week.  This last week of summer is flying by.  As soon as I figure that out, I remember that I forgot the envelopes inside the house that I had to mail, my sunglasses, and my coupon for school shoes.  It’s crucial that I don’t forget anything as now we all have to walk back through the construction zone to the house to retrieve these items.  So off we go, my little ducklings in tow, back to the house to get these things as it will save a trip later.    How would I have done this if they were still newborn, 1 and 2?  I couldn’t have.  So thankfully they all have strong legs and can walk all by themselves!  As we buckle our seat belts one of them makes a comment on how something stinks.  Great!  One did step in some fresh doggie doo-doo.

We begin our outing with a lunch date.  We meet a friend and her boys so we can quickly catch up with some conversation and grab a bite with the kids while we’re at it.   The kids barely touched their food, and we didn’t get much talking in as the kids were begging for quarters the whole time to stick into those annoying machines that you can sometimes claim a prize in that will most likely break before getting home.  ( Eventually the trinkets will end up in between the car seat somewhere and be forgotten about until I climb back there to inspect).  Hopefully I get around to that soon so that I can reminisce about this wonderful day!  Before leaving I remind the boys to go to the bathroom so that I can run a few errands. (The whole purpose of the leaving the house.)  We just had to quickly stop by a store to pick up office supplies, run by the post office, and pick out a pair of shoes for one of the kids.

We finally arrive the store to get the supplies.  One child already has to go to the bathroom.  (the one that pretended to go while he had the chance at the restaurant  because I know I watched him walk into the restroom)  This happens to be a store that doesn’t have a restroom for customers.  And by now they all have go.  I insist they have to hold it until the next stop, but the commotion is loud so an employee brings them back to the bathroom.   Women aren’t allowed in the Men’s room, so I wait and pray that they aren’t getting into mischief as that seems to be the way today is going.  I hear lots of noise going on, as two of them race out of the restroom, laughing and chasing each other down the aisles.  The oldest one is being good because he wants to go get new shoes after this.  I can feel the stares of people wondering why I am letting them act this way.  Well, I am not “letting” them act this way.  I know how this will end.  I can quickly grab what I need and ask the boys to help me carry items or find items as a distraction (didn’t work), leave without getting anything (almost did, but I needed to get a couple things right now and didn’t want to come back later as the parking situation isn’t the best as I explained), bribe (cannot reward bad behavior so I didn’t go there and knew that would backfire), or act like it isn’t a big deal, stay calm, and let them know the punishment when we get into the car.  We made it to the cash register as two of the kids are pretending to fly through the glass windows up front, making crash landings and all kinds of sound effects, yelling for their older brother to join in.  I paid for the items, got to the car (they are running behind me), as I announced we’re going home!  I couldn’t take them into the post office today.  I couldn’t take them into a shoe store.  My head is pounding, the kids are giggling because they thought that adventure at the office store was just so funny, and now they are complaining that they are hungry.  Huh.  We just ate.  I had warned them they had to finish their food.  That was their lunch and we aren’t having a second lunch or a snack immediately following.

I announced that we were heading home.  My child that was actually behaving is disappointed because he was suffering for his brothers’ actions and not getting his new shoes today.  I feel bad when all of the kids have to be punished because one or two of them isn’t listening, but in the end I think it evens out.  They take turns with behavior issues, but what is a mom to do?  Just then I receive a phone call from a friend asking if my oldest wants to come over to play.  Perfect timing!  I can drop him off as a reward since he has been good, and bring the other two home to do nothing fun.  I will have to delay the post office trip which will end up being 4 days since it’s a holiday weekend, and venture out to the shoe store over the weekend.   I think I will have someone watch the other two while we do this.

I love those little boys.  They are growing up so fast.  I feel very blessed!  Sometimes a vacation is just what families or parents need.  Something to look forward to…  Where should I go?

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