Shopping And Vacations

Girls like to shop, right?  Wrong… for me, that is.  I dread finishing up my Christmas shopping.  Less than a week away and all of the gifts still need to be wrapped and some very important presents still need to be purchased.   Thank goodness for gift cards and gift bags!   My 7 year old son told me yesterday that he would wrap the gifts for me.  He promised he wouldn’t tell anyone what they are getting.  I am actually considering the idea.  (I suppose I’ll still wrap his presents, so we’ll see how last minute this becomes).   He could use some practice wrapping gifts, right?

I am a professional vacation shopper.    This is what I love!  It’s a virtual challenge, creating an experience for couples, families, and friends.  With every trip I research I think: these moments will last a lifetime!  They may even end up on Facebook.  I search for the best flights, destinations, and activities to match their vacation style.  This type of shopping is very exciting!  I love getting to know the variety of personalities out there and designing a much deserved getaway.

Anyway, back to my virtual vacation shopping.

Good luck to you as you finish your last minute holiday preparations.   Merry Christmas!