Technology, Bonding, And Vacations

I heard a statistic the other day that got me thinking about the influence of Facebook, Twitter, and the overwhelming constant “newsfeed” that bombards our everyday life with many times negative opinions and frustrating events around the world.   Do we really check our Smart Phones every 6 minutes?  We are connected all day long from the time we wake up until the time we close our eyes at night.

Of course, not everything about social media is negative.  It is amazing how we can keep in touch with our loved ones, stay updated with photos of friends and family across the country, and easily market ourselves and our business in this fast paced world.   I have kept up to date on my client’s vacation status through social media and email, which is another positive, as it is fun to see if they are having a good time or if there is an issue that I need to address right away.   It just reminds me how important it is to also have that “quality” time with our spouses, children, and other family members.  Sometimes the only way to achieve this is through a family or couples vacation, and truly escape from reality for a little while.   The memories created are life-long!

There are so many times I have clients wanting to take a vacation but feel they are too busy or it may be a challenge to find a replacement for work.   Taking a vacation is not being selfish!  We all need a little time for ourselves.  We need this time to get to know our kids and renew the relationships that are so important to us.  Many don’t realize this until they return from their trip, thanking me for helping coordinate schedules and itineraries, along with finding a destination that works to make it happen.  Even if it isn’t a “trip of a lifetime”, it can seem like one just having a weekend getaway.   Being in this business has been incredibly rewarding as I see with my own eyes how families and couples grow closer through the art of travel.

As I sit here typing this piece, I find the need to check my email as I hear the notifications come through.   Thank you, Smart Phone!

I just want to end with that I realize we all have different circumstances in our lives that may keep us from spending the time with our family that we desire, or in this economy we may not have the finances to take a big vacation, but getaways big or small –I would love to help find some balance and the challenge to see if we can make something work.   One of my favorite past times is looking through family photos with my kids from holidays, vacations, or videos doing silly things that document these fun times.  So with that said, make sure you bring at least one form of technology on your trip…. A camera!