Day 5: Food & Wine Tours

Food and Wine Tours can be customized to “Your Taste.”   Sorry, I just had to include those play on words in this entry.

Have you ever wondered what is all involved in a Food and/or Wine Tour?  Some of the questions I have been asked include:

  • Can you make reservations to high end restaurants?
  • Can you reserve me a tea time in London?
  • Can I learn to cook some ethnic meals?
  • Can I reserve a private limo to bring me between wine tastings?
  • Are there tours to cheese producers or olive oil mills?






Guess what!?  There is a tour for everything, and many are customizable.  These can be a simple weekend get-a-way in The States, or a once in a lifetime trip to the vineyards of Australia.








Sample itineraries are readily available.

Contact me for more information