What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Travel Agent?

I take vacation planning seriously!  It is more than just a career for me. I just wanted to go over some of my qualifications and help you to really take advantage of what I offer!

The most common question I have from “new” clients is “What are the benefits of working with a travel agent?”  That right there, having you reach out for an experienced travel agent, shows me that you have some doubts on doing the work yourself, and spending the time, as well as your hard earned money on a vacation that you deserve, when you have some concerns on possibly some reviews you have read, how you will get to the resort, if you need to exchange your money, which room category is the best, if you are celebrating something, the list goes on.  Maybe the destination you have in mind is really not at all what you are looking for.  How do you know what you want?

A good, respected travel agent has personal contacts and experience that are shared with clients, to really make the most of your vacation. I always ask some specific questions (qualifying questions) that will help me determine and narrow down the best options to quote.   The more information and feedback you give me after I ask some of these questions, the better I can help you.  Sometimes the lowest price is not always the best option for you.  That sounds funny, but maybe for only $20 there is a better flight that doesn’t pull up online.   Maybe First Class is only $250 more, and that includes your luggage, a meal,  and priority boarding.   A better arrival flight time or departure date (which your travel agent already knows about before even looking) for minimal cost may help you to have almost an extra day of vacation.  Sometimes the lowest price pulls up as an overnight flight as well, tricking you into thinking the cost is lower than it is, but it is likely because it’s one less night of hotel.

I think I really understand many demographics, not only because of over 17 years of experience in the industry as a travel agent, but because of experience with travel in my personal life.

I have a unique perspective because of my broad experience.  I have done all of these recently and really try to understand what you are looking for.  I like to say when I go on vacation, I go “undercover” on many of these trips, just so I can experience travel as a regular person, and not as a travel agent. (Even though you cannot take the travel agent out of me, as I will always be noting, comparing, and taking pictures!)

Briefly, here’s just some of my background that I believe helps me to understand you better:

  • I have been a single parent traveling with children, and know what it’s like to be on a budget with limited vacation time.
  • I have taken my dream honeymoon, and have wonderful suggestions for “once in a lifetime” upgrades!  Not everyone’s dream is the same.
  • I have traveled with large and small family groups, as well as alone, multiple times.
  • I take multi-generational vacations with my family, and understand that not everyone vacations at the same pace. Finding a happy place for everyone can take some work!
  • I take family vacations, and understand what kids and parents want/need!  This includes all inclusive and not all inclusive options.
  • I have coordinated over 200 destination weddings groups myself in the last 7 years, and have narrowed down the best wedding packages and partnered with these resorts, customized to the Bride & Groom.  I consider myself very experienced in this area, and keep current with the latest trends!
  • I have been on custom tours as well as escorted tours, and can tell you firsthand experiences.
  • I have been on a River Cruise as well as Ocean Liner Cruise.
  • Couples Vacations are very important to stay connected, and get away from the craziness of everyday life. I understand this!

There is so much more that goes into this, but find out for yourself if we are a match!  I can help you determine some of these questions:

  1. A large resort complex, or a boutique style hotel?
  2. Do you have teenagers that need WiFi and activities for their age group?  Which resort offers this?
  3. Are we traveling during Spring Break?
  4. What time of year is low season with the best pricing?
  5. Can I fly from Fargo to Grenada, and arrive the same day?

I don’t want you to have the regrets in life that so many think about too late.   Vacation memories are priceless!  You work hard, and you deserve a break.  I would love to help walk through some options if you are considering a romance or family vacation.   katie@modetravelagency.com

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