Who Should You Bring On Your Next Vacation?

Many people assume that the more the merrier on a vacation would make for a better vacation.  This isn’t always true!   Traveling with someone can be (and will be) completely different than having happy hour or lunch with a friend.   I came up with a few bullet points (based on experience and also feedback from various clients) to help you decide who you should invite on your next vacation.  Remember, this is your hard earned money and that vacation that you dream about during cold weather months, so you don’t want anyone to ruin this.    🙂   Spending this significant amount of time with someone will bond you together forever.

  • Travel with those you can be yourself around,  (you don’t want to be fake the whole time)
  • Invite those that are like minded as far as budget goes, if they are involved in choosing the resort and destination.
  • Don’t invite someone that is unreliable if you are counting on them actually going and paying for their trip.
  • You probably should not invite someone you get into regular arguments with.
  • It’s a plus to have someone along that knows when to be quiet. (spending many days at a time together nonstop doesn’t mean you have to chat the entire time)
  • Respect.  That should be a given, but someone who is respectful of you and others/staff.  (someone who complains about everything can be embarrassing and upsetting)
  • If you are rooming with someone and you like good hygiene, be sure they share your thoughts on showering and cleanliness.

If all else fails, go by yourself!  A solo vacation can be good for the mind and soul.