Who Should You Bring On Your Next Vacation?

Many people assume that the more the merrier on a vacation would make for a better vacation.  This isn’t always true!   Traveling with someone can be (and will be) completely different than having happy hour or lunch with a friend.   I came up with a few bullet points (based on experience and also…
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What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Travel Agent?

I take vacation planning seriously!  It is more than just a career for me. I just wanted to go over some of my qualifications and help you to really take advantage of what I offer! The most common question I have from “new” clients is “What are the benefits of working with a travel agent?” …
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Day 12: Romance Travel

You don’t have to be a “Romantic” to plan a romance trip. I absolutely love working with couples planning a romantic vacation.  My very favorite is when one of my clients is planning a top secret trip to get away with their significant other.   I am great at keeping secrets, so if you want to plan a…
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Day 11: Destination Weddings

Say “I Do” to your dream wedding at a destination of your choice! Choosing the location can be the most time consuming yet one of the most exciting parts of planning a destination wedding. Couples typically spend months going through brochures and online websites looking for the “perfect” destination to get married. Take the guessing…
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Day 10: Pre-Baby Vacations (aka Babymoon)

What is a “Babymoon?” There are a couple of meanings.  This term first became popular in the mid-1990’s, and has brought on a new level of vacations. One meaning includes both parents taking time off before the baby is born, to have one last “hurrah” of couple only time, or if you already have other children,…
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